The stones of the Chakra Necklace are all specially chosen for their quality— measured by their color, density and depth. Acclaimed European jewelry artist Noël has spent years traveling and studying the principles of Chakra. Noël developed the elegant Chakra Necklace with a stone to represent each of the 7 Chakras.


Every stone is meticulously cleaned and polished to protect the integrity of each. They undergo a strict analysis by Noël herself —then and only then are they approved for final piercing and tying. This cleaning and tying process is time consuming, and stones of this quality are the Chakra Necklace is prized, and limited in supply.

The Chakra Necklace includes:

  • Silver Noël signature hallmarked heart

The Stones (clockwise, from right to left):

  • Amethyst (from Bolivia and Zambia) - semi-precious
  • Sodalite (from Brazil) - semi-precious
  • Howlite (from Zimbabwe) - semi-precious
  • Peridot (from the USA) - precious
  • Citrine (from Brazil) - precious
  • Carnelian (from Uruguay) - semi-precious
  • Garnet (from India) - precious

This is completed with a matte polished glass bead for a strong and easy clasp.

The 16-inch cord used to tie the stones is a sturdy and smooth combination of nylon and cotton. It stays springy and delicate to the eye, soft to the skin, and incredibly strong. In fact, those who own and wear the Chakra Necklace by Noël say that they enjoy their necklace every day, including during exercise and in the shower—and it shows no sign of wear.

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