What is chakra?

The stones of the Chakra are chosen according to traditions that have been passed down through countless generations.

The concept of Chakra calls upon very ancient health traditions. Chakra in SanskritThe word "Chakra" is Sanskrit, and among its translations is the word "wheel", referring to the 'wheels of energy' that swirl around the universe. Chakras are the center of each of these wheels, the major ones being seven in total number. It is said that these energy wheels or centers each has a place in our bodies…and the purpose of each Chakra is to help us to maintain our health, in carefully balancing personal energy, happiness, spirituality, vigor and even the way our organs and nervous systems function. (The twenty minor Chakras connect to the major seven, and are locations for acupuncture!)

Included in the principles and descriptions of Chakras are color, sound, and earth elements such as precious and semi-precious stones. The stones on the Chakra Necklace comprise all seven of the major Chakras, making this necklace unusual in concept, indeed.

The precious quality of the stones—including the difficulty in finding stones with the most pure quality, the way they are tumbled and polished, even how they are pierced—all affect the stone's Chakra power.

While most of us lead lives that include stress which takes a toll on our bodies and spirit, the Chakras are strong and powerful key life forces which can help us to feel better. With more balanced Chakras, we may function at a higher plane, feel happier and more energetic, and enjoy the peace and tranquility we desire. The Chakra Necklace by Noël is created to provide you not only an intriguing and elegant piece of jewelry, it also is a way to wear Chakra every day. We hope that it brings you power, health, joy and peace.


The Chakra Necklace: Handcrafted with love by artists in England, each necklace is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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